A big question that is on everyone’s mind that kite surfs!!

What are Kitesuring boots ?

Kite surfing is a new and growing sport with it being so new it is constantly developing, its great to be a part of a growing sport and move with the changes. What a lot of people don’t realise is boots have always been around in kite surfing. In the early days more were wearing boots than less. Only in the last few years boots have taken off again and more and more people are wearing them thanks too a real wake style push in the freestyle department of kite surfing.

So what actually are boots compared too straps? The boots we use in kite surfing are the same as wakeboarding and similar too snowboarding they lock your feet and ankles into the board and give you a much more direct feel meaning
your feet should not come out of the boot –  unlike straps giving you a very easy and quick choice if needed too simply slip your feet out.

Should I be wearing boots for kitesurfing?

Well its completely up too you there is no rules saying you can and can’t. If you are into your wake style tricks and looking too progress in freestyle kite surfing then boots are always a goer. However, it is only really down too personal preference most find boots a lot more comfortable and give you a piece in mind knowing you don’t have too
worry about your feet falling out mid rotation. boots will also help enable you too really sink your heel side edge in and pop harder, meaning you can go bigger and faster. In my opinion boots also help you really control and “stomp” your landings.

Why shouldn’t I be wearing boots ?

For sure boots are not for everyone and if you are just into your general cruising round messing in the waves and doing a few jumps then boots probably are not your best option as essentially you are locked into your board meaning crashes and slams are going too hurt a lot more. Boots locking your ankles in will save them, but convert your problem too your knees and they are going too take a lot more stress than your ankles. For example you don’t really see a professional wake boarder without a knee brace these days.

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