Everyone has there own local spot, whether its amazing or not so great you have got too love your local, its almost like a piece of you.

Somewhere where you can go and you need to ask no questions you know what the wind is doing just by looking at your favourite trees on the way without even checking the forecast, you know what the tide is doing and who is who out on the water before even going out.

Safety Bay – One of the worlds top 5 kiting locations

When your home spot is working there is no feeling like it. Here at loose kites we are lucky enough too have one of the worlds top 5 kite surfing spots just across the road also known to many as the pond.

The pond is a magical place blue warm flat water with a nice smooth sea breeze daily…every kite boarders dream.

Being one of the best spots in the world has its downfalls … how busy it gets throughout the season and sometimes can be frustrating, but every black cloud has its silver lining and this is what makes it so special for us that we live here. We meet so many new and different people every season they come and go you see so many different styles and ability levels from all around the world all sharing the same stoke.

Always lots of kitesurfers at Safety Bay on  the weekend

However in the pond its rare for it not be too busy the odd Saturday/Sunday afternoon but never bad enough too make you not want too go out its more the other way round ..more kiters = more fun there’s plenty of space and room for everyone.

One of the best things about Safety Bay  kitesurfing is the optionsyou have when you arrive

If you are learning and still not confident we have every learners paradise a nice waist deep sandbar that enables beginners too walk back as far as they want into the ocean giving them a chance to get off the beach with loads of room to crash, ride, and go downwind for a longer period of time while learning too get upwind.

Safety Bay has butter flat water

Perfect place too learn new tricks, practice boost , or film and shoot media. having the 2 different conditions at the same spots separates the learners from the guys that have been doing it a while and throwing down.

This works for everyone because the beginners get a piece in mind that the people that are around them are in the same boat and also for the more experienced guys on the other side they don’t have too worry about who is where and if there people in the way or too watch out for the beginners. you’ll find the loose kites team usually in the pond doing some freestyle or on down winders from just down the coast or even some times out the back playing in the
kickers out team riders kite in blue green red white or black t shirts with the loose kites logo on them and are always happy too stop for a chat if you come down and want too ask some questions or are unsure on where too launch land all are team riders will be happy too put down there kite and give you your best options. 2014 has pumped for Western Australia and the sea breezes have been awesome still plenty of wind left for the upcoming months so get yourselves down for either a ride some coaching or a chat if you have any questions.

Stay Loose …
Team Loose Kites.