What is the difference between a c kite and a bow kite ?
Which kite is best suited for you ?


So what actually is a c kite – a c kite is shaped a lot more like an
upside down U in the sky generally most c kites will have no bridle
lines attactched too the leading edge but just too the very corners of
the kite. This gives the kite a very more direct feel when flying it
so when letting the bar out you can really notice no power and then
when pulling it all the way in it really switches on the power more
suddenly where as with a bow kite it would still hold slightly more
power when the bars out due to the high aspect of the kite. Freestyle
riders love the c kite because when you pop against it the lines hit a
slack point this is the point in most tricks where the bar is passed.



A bow kite is the more popular of kites and the ones you will see more
often on the water simply because of there versitalitly and wind range
a bow kite has. They have a lot more of a flatter profile than a c
kite meaning it will catch more wind giving you a bigger wind range
per kite. Bow kites also re launch a lot easier than a c
kite, a factor most riders love… Swinging them too purchasing bow kite over a c
kite. You can really notice the wing tips on bow kites as they are a
lot more swept back and don’t have the 4 corners a c kite would. bow
kites have bridles theses attach along the leading edge

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The way too choose between which kite you need will depend on what you
want too achieve on the water ..if your into flat water and improving
your freestyle a c kite is the way too go … however if you just want
too cruise ride waves do big jumps then a bow kite is what you need a
bow kite is more of a hybrid kite and excels at a lot of disciplines
however a c kite is exceptional when it comes too unhooking and
passing the bar although they are not great at much else C kites also
have a considerably lower wind range than your typical bow kite
meaning you would need more kites in your quiver too get on the water
more frequently for example a 2 bow kites would make up the wind range
of your 3 c kites.