Hi Guys and Girls

The sea breeze is in yeowww happy days

This weeks forecast is looking good with steady winds great for learning and riding. Wednesday Thursday Friday are getting up to 25 knots get down to safety bay or secret harbour meet our team riders there always willing to lend a hand help out with any of your needs or problems. You cant miss them they will be wearing there loose kites shirts.
Going big busting out moves you can only imagine of doing.

Its a great to time to learn, here at loose kites we have professional kite instructors that have had years of experience, we use all brand new gear and stock the best kite and board range from core and best kiteboarding.

We have a great range of twin tips and surfboards


The Pro-Creator is the definitive freestyle/wakestyle crossover board.


The Profanity is here for another season of slider, kicker and cable mayhem, It’s time for you to join the movement, ride the Profanity and show you’re committed and to get loose.