LOOSE KITES – Safety Bay

Exciting times for loose kites – great Safety Bay Kitesurfing

Things are kicking off summer is here in Perth and that can only mean
one thing …. Sea breeze everyday and good vibes in the pond.
We are so lucky as a school to be based in one of the best kitesurfing
destinations in the world.

Safety Bay Kitesurfing has just got better

Safety Bay brings people from all over the
globe just too kite in the pond ! Loose kites will be taking full
advantage of the perfect steady winds and glassy waters this season we
have a fully equip BEST kite school too suit every riders need.

We are fully up and running teaching 7 days week loose kites its fully
committed too teaching the best quality lessons possible and giving
you an unforgettable experience but ensuring you are safe environment
while learning.

Safety Bay Kitesurfing - Loose Kites

Are new website is fully up and running make sure you
stay up too date too get the latest news and daily wind reports.
Here at loose kites we have full action packed summer planned from free
advanced riding clinics too free safety advice sessions. if your down
and riding or just around the pond you wont miss some of our team
riders don’t hesitate too approach them with any questions they are
always willing too stop and give some tips or advice . if you don’t
find yourself at the pond and want anymore information visit the
website @ https://loosekites.com.au/ or give us a call direct on
0410289053 and talk to Craig .