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Perth Kiteboarding - Loose KitesLoose Kites kitesurfing offer 2 strategically located kitesurfing locations.  Both locations are awesome places to learn kitesurfing. Both Safety Bay and Secret Harbour offer premium conditions for beginners right through to experienced riders.  The biggest advantage we have with both of these locations is that the locations are perfect for fast learning. Both spots offer relatively flat conditions and nice constant winds. The result – you get riding quicker.

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Safety Bay

Our Safety Bay location is known as one of the top Perth kitesurfing spots and is also recognised world wide as a premium kitesurfing location.

This teaching spot offers smooth cross – onshore winds.  These are ideal learning conditions.  We can teach all day because this area is not effected by tides at all.

Where  our Safety Bay kitesurfing location is located

Safety Bay is located on the south coast of Shoalwater. Our rigging area is on the corner of Carlisle street and Arcadia drive boat ramp. This is directly east of Mercy Place Reserve and Penguin Island.

Secret Harbour

Secret Harbour is the perfect location for learning to kitesurf.  Our teaching spot offers smooth onshore winds with  plenty of room to launch and land, a really strong point about Secret Harbour is that the depth is perfect for learning to kitesurf this enables us to enhance the quality of our lessons, get through the safety easily and get you up and riding quickly.

Where  our Secret Harbour kitesurfing location is located

Our Secret Harbour location is located about 18 km south of our Safety Bay location.  Our teaching location is south west of the Secret Harbour Links Golf Course. This is also located beside the Secret Harbour Blvd.  We also have the Secret Harbour Live Saving Club very near by.

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